Maurice Benayoun ::
So.So.So. (Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime), 2002

interactive multi media installation
dimensions variable, approx. 8 x 5 m



Composer: Jean-Baptiste Barrière
Director of photography: Laurent Simonini / Pleine Lune
Software : VRetina David Nahon/Z-A Production
Web graphics designer : Stéphane Thidet
Production: Karen Benarouch/Z-A Production, with the support of Thécif

Thanks to: Florence Benayoun, Bernard Benhamou, Claudette Bribon, Elisabeth Castro, Eric Deltour, Herveline Fabre, Qio, Florentine Rey, Franck Antunes, David Bouhsira, Café le Moderne


    7.47am, a moment of transition, when everything starts to go awry. So.So.So. (Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime) tells us the story of the moment when parallel spaces meet and transform into a storyline by the way we apprehend them: their fleeting memory is printed on the palimpsest of everybody’s looks. In this transient instant, like in all good stories, there is a crime; it’s a perfect crime simply because it happens somewhere else, in a crisis-ridden world seeping into our daily lives through different media canals.
So.So.So., the interactive installation by Maurice Benayoun envisions a universe made of networked scenes that can be explored through a binocular in a full 360° omni-directional rotation. Each scene is connected with others through some recurring details within the images, which act like doorways to other images. The spectator thus navigates inside the potential story simply by looking for a while at some key details that operate as invisible portals.
Following on Art Impact, an earlier work of the artist, So.So.So. uses the »Collective Retinal Memory,« where the visitors on line and in the exhibition leave the fleeting track of their glances.