Jim Campbell

-> works in the exhibition::
Church on Fift Avenue, 2001
Illuminated Average#1 Hitchcock's Psycho, 2000



* 1956, Chicago [USA]
lives and works in San Francisco [USA]

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CV ::

Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. Electrical Engineering B.S. Mathematics

"Artists Using Multimedia" panel member. Cosponsored by Bay Area Video Coalition, SF Cinematheque and Film Arts

Artists Advisory Panel Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco [USA]

Phoenix Arts Commision Selection Jurist for the new Arizona Science Center Public Art Project
"Artists in Color in the Shadows Show" panel member at California College of Arts & Crafts.

Lecture Museum of Modern Art New York [USA]

NEA Selection Panelist for Museum Grants, Washington D.C. [USA]


Grants and Awards ::

Langlois Foundation Grant, Montreal, Quebec [CDN]

Langlois Foundation Grant, Montreal, Quebec [CDN]
Interactive Art [Honorary Mention], Ars Electronica, Linz [A]

Fellowship Award [Multimedia], Rockefeller Foundation, New York [USA]

Eureka Fellowship Award, Fleishhaker Foundation [USA]

Interactive Art [Honorary Mention], Ars Electronica, Linz [A]

SECA Award, San Francisco [USA]


Solo Exhibitions ::

"untitled", Palo Alto Art Center, Palo Alto [USA]

"untitled", Matrix Series, Berkeley Art Museum [USA] "untitled", Site Sante Fe, New Mexico [MEX] "untitled", Exploratorium, San Francisco [USA]

"untitled", Nagoya City Art Museum, Naogya [J] "Motion and Rest", Arizona State University Tempe [USA] "untitled", Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco [USA] "untitled", Gallery 2211, Los Angeles [USA]

"Time and Data", Wood Street Gallery, Pittsburgh [USA] "Contemporary Configurations", Santa Cruz [USA] "Time, Memory and Meditation", Anderson Gallery, VCU, Richmond [USA]

"untitled", Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco [USA] "untitled", Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco [USA] "untitled", Cohen Berkowitz Gallery, Kansas City [USA]

"Transforming Time", (catalogue) Nelson Art Museum, ASU, Tempe [USA]

"Reactive Works", San Jose Museum of Art San Jose [USA]

"Digital Watch", Kemper Museum, Kansas City [USA] "Reactive Works", Art Center College of Design, Pasadena [USA]

"Electronic Art", Cohen Berkowitz Gallery, Kansas City [USA]

"Dialogue", Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco [USA]

"Hallucination", Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Salem [USA]

"Electronic Art", Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco [USA]

"Hallucination", Fresno Art Museum, Fresno [USA]


Group Exhibitions/ Film Screenings :

"Taipei Biennial", Taipei Fine Arts, Museum, Taiwan [RC]
"Busan Biennial", Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, South Korea [ROK]
"Whitney Biennial", Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]
"Artficial Emotion", Sao Paolo [BR]
"Walkways", 1st is Portland Inst. of Cont .Art [USA]
"Media Art", Daejeon Municipal Museum of Art, South Korea [ROK]
"Situated Realities", Maryland Institute College of Art [USA]
"High Tech / Low Tech Hybrids", Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek [USA]
"untitled",Public Art Work, University of South Florida, Tampa [USA]
"untitled", Public Art Work, Seattle City Hall, Seattle [USA]
"Primal Graphics", Creative Time, Battery Park Site, New York [USA]

"Interaction 01", Gifu [J]
"Untitled", Gallery 2211, Los Angeles [USA]
"Bitstreams", Whitney Museum of American Art [USA]
"Conceptual Colors in Albers' After Image", San Francisco State Univ. [USA]
"Figuration", Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco [USA]
"Highlights Festival", Montreal, Quebec [CDN]
"Eureka Fellowship Show",San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art [USA]
"168 Light Bulbs", Wood St Gallery, Pittsburgh [USA]
Video Set Design for ODC Dance Troupe, San Francisco [USA]
"White Circle", Highlights Festival, Montreal, Quebec

"Ars Electronica", Linz [A]
"Vision Ruhr", Dortmund [D]
"Eureka Fellowship Show", San Jose Museum of Art [USA]
"Scanners", Califorina College of Arts and Crafts Oakland [USA]
"Direct Current", Byron Cohen Gallery, Kansas City [USA]
"Plugged In", Todd Madigan Gallery, California State University Bakersfield [USA]
"Illuminations", Ackland Art Museum, Chapel Hill New York [USA]
"Timekeepers", SF Camerawork, San Francisco [USA]

"New Voices New Visions", Univ. Art Gallery UCSD San Diego [USA]
"Digital Hybrids", McDonough Museum, Youngstown [USA]
"The Photographic Image", National Museum, Kwachon, Korea [ROK]
"Facing Fear", San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery [USA]
"The Body", Salina Art Center, Salina, Kansas [USA]
"Electronic Art", Weston Art Gallery Cincinnati [USA]

"Body Mecanique", Wexner Art Center, Columbus [USA]
"Digital Poetics", Sherry Frumkin Gallery Los Angeles [USA]
"Bay Area Technology Art", Haines Gallery, San Francisco [USA]
"Art & Technology", Duke University Museum, Durham [USA]

"Bienale", ICC Center, Tokyo [J]
"Serious Games", Barbican Gallery, London [GB]
"Interaction 97", Gifu [J]
"Meditations in Time", San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [USA]
"Digital Decisions", Art Acadamy of Cincinnati, Ohio [USA]
"451 Degrees", San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery [USA]

"Creative Time--Art in the Anchorage", Brooklyn [USA]
"Seca Awards Show", San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [USA]
"Transformers", Auckland City Art Gallery, New Zealand [NZ]
"Interactivity", Salina Art Center, Salina, Kansas [USA]
"Techne", San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery [USA]
"Mortal Coil", Sesnon Art Gallery UC Santa Cruz [USA]

"New York Digital Salon", New York [USA]
"Art as Signal", Krannert Art Museum, U of I Champaign [USA]
"Hotel Interactional", Gallery Otso, Helsinki [FIN]
"ISEA 95", Montreal, Quebec [CDN]
"Digital Mediations", Art Center College of Design, Pasadena [USA]
"Interaction 95", Gifu, Japan [J]
"Unpredictable Memories", Capp Street Project, San Francisco [USA]
"Press/Enter", Power Plant, Toronto [CDN]
"Techne", Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies [USA]
"Biblio Vertigo", Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois [USA]
"LAC Project", Montreux [CH]

"ThreeVisions", Carpenter Center, Harvard University, Cambridge MA [USA]
"Color in the Shadows", California College of Arts & Crafts Oakland [USA]
"InterActive", Works Gallery, San Jose [USA]

"Iterations", International Center of Photography, New York [USA]
"Montage", International Festival of the Image, Rochester, New York [USA]
"A New Sensation", Seybold Conference, San Francisco [USA]

"Facing the Finish", San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [USA]
"Contemporary Arts Forum", Santa Barbara [USA]
"Art Center College of Design", Pasadena [USA]

"Le Printemps de PRIM", PRIM (Productions Realisations Independantes de Montreal), Montreal [CDN]

"Bay Area Media", San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [USA]
"Fifteenth Anniversary Show", New Langton Arts, San Francisco [USA]
"Inner Tensions", Pro Arts Open Studio, Emeryville [USA]
San Francisco Cinematheque, San Francisco [USA]

Grey Art Gallery and Study Center, New York [USA]

Athens Film Festival, Athens [GR]
Red Victorian Theater, San Francisco [USA]

American Independent Feature Film Market, New York [USA]

International Festival of New Cinema, Montreal [CDN]
Coastal Extremes, San Francisco und Boston [USA]

International Avant-Garde Festival, Paris [F]
Big Video Show, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln [USA]

International Electronic Music Festival, Brussels [B]
Big Video Show, DeCordova Museum, Lincoln [USA]

San Francisco International Video Festival, San Francisco [USA]


Works in Collections ::

Whitney Museum, New York [USA]
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art SFMOMA, San Francisco [USA]
San Jose Museum of Art, San Jose [USA]
University Art Museum, Berkeley [USA]


Bibliography :

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