Jim Campbell ::
Church on Fifth Avenue, 2001

60 x 80 x 8 cm
custom electronics, 768 LEDs, plexiglass
courtesy of Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco

Presentation made possible through the assistance of Goethe Institute, Munich; created with financial support from The Daniel Langlois Foundation for Art, Science and Technology

    Church on 5th Avenue, a work from the Ambigous Icon series, consists of a matrix of 32x24 [768] pixels made out of LEDÍs [light emitting diode]. Video images taken from a scene at a doorway of a Lower Manhattan cathedral are reproduced on the LED display, transforming visual information translated into a numerical code where by the analog image is metamorphosed into its digital equivalent. There is a sheet of diffusing plexiglass angled in front of the grid producing a blurring effect. As the pedestrians move from left to right the figures gradually go from a discrete representation to a continuous one. Campbell thus effects an transition from a digital pixel image to an analog film image; expressing his interest in the relation between subjective perception and machine-based computing in image production.