Jim Campbell ::
Illuminated Average #1 Hitchcock's Psycho, 2000

5 x 5 cm
courtesy of Hosfelt Gallery, San Francisco

Illuminated Average 1, HitchcockÍs Psycho is concerned with the compression of time in a single image. Campbell scanned every single frame of Hitchcock's film and generated a single new image from the result. Placing all of the frames on top of each other, he created an image that contains all of the film's visual data. The digitalised layers have translated the original film into an image consisting of averaged brightness and contrast values ó the digital storage structure of the databank has been transformed into its visual equivalent. Yet the superimposed images still betray schematic traces of the action once played out on the silver screen ó especially towards the darker edges of the image, whereas towards the centre the light appears, so to speak, to have burnt its way through the picture, leaving behind only a white stain.