Janet Cardiff ::
Playhouse, 1997

video installation, color, sound
381 x 152 x 244 cm
courtesy Sammlung Goetz, Munich

Janet Cardiff’s Playhouse [1997], a collaborative installation with George Bures Miller was first exhibited at the Barbara Weiss Gallery in Berlin. Playhouse combines sculpture, sound, video and performance in a fusion that experiments with traditional cinematic narratives, often successfully exposing our assumptions about the boundaries of identity and location through the blurring of our physical and psychological realities. In Playhouse, Cardiff and Miller’s use of binaural sound is crucial to splitting open the flat space of the screen. Through this recording technique, sound extrudes out of the filmic space and has a volume, architecture, and location almost indistinguishable from our real space. It situates us within a hyper-reality where the script or story becomes dislocated from the screen and aggresses towards the viewer.