The Cinematic Imaginary after Film
Jeffrey Shaw and Peter Weibel [Eds.]
ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe/The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2002

While the exhibition itself will focus on current artistic practice in the field of digitally expanded cinema, the major catalog documents the historical trajectory of those many and variegated cinematic experiments that prefigure, inform and contextualize our current cinematic condition. The book will be published in English in cooperation with The MIT Press, Cambridge, MA. It will enclose texts on the exhibited artists and works as well as essays by André Bazin, Raymond Bellour, Michael Bielicky, Jean-Louis Boissier, Luis BuĂ’uel, Italo Calvino, Chris Darke, Guy Debord, Timothy Druckrey, Ross Gibson, N. Katherine Hayles, Edwin Heathcote, Sabine Himmelsbach, Susanne Jaschko, Marsha Kinder, Norman M. Klein, Oliver Deussen and Bernd Lintermann, Scott McQuire, Randall Packer, Michele Pierson, Raúl Ruiz, Jeffrey Shaw, Vivian Sobchack, Gloria H. Sutton, Stefan Themerson, William C. Wees, Peter Weibel, Grahame Weinbren, Brian Winston, Gene Youngblood, Dörte Zbikowski, Siegfried Zielinski.

Editors: Dörte Zbikowski und Ulrike Havemann
Editorial Assistance: Jens Lutz, Alicia Solzbacher, Miriam Stürner

° Content [preliminary] ::

Introductory essay by Jeffrey Shaw, Peter Weibel


Stefan Themerson: »The Urge to Create Visions«
Raymond Bellour: »Battle of the Images«
Guy Debord : »Prolégomènes à tout cinéma futur«
Luis Buñuel: »Pessimism«
William C. Wees: »The Camera-Eye: Dialectics of a Metaphor«
Gene Youngblood: »Cinema and the Code«
Timothy Druckrey: »Fugitive Realities, Situated Realities, "Situational Realities," or Future Cinema(s) Past«

Perry Hoberman : The Sub-Division of the Electric Light


Edwin Heathcote : »Fairground to Dream Palace- Buildings for Film«
Scott McQuire: »The Cathedral of Fictions«
André Bazin: »Will CinemaScope Save the Film Industry?«
Vivian Sobchack: »Nostalgia for the Digital Object: Regrets on the Quickening of Quicktime«
Chris Darke: »Cinema Exploded: Film, Video and the Gallery«

Friedrich Kiesler :: Guild Cinema
Dan Graham :: Cinema, 1981


Michael Bielicky: »Prague - A Place of Illusionists«
Svoboda, Radok, Raduz :: Laterna Magica, Polyekran, Kinoautomat, 1958-1967
Randall Packer: »The Pepsi Pavilion: Laboratory for Social Experimentation«
Michele Pierson: »Public Image«
Peter Weibel: »Narrated Theory: Multiple Projection and Multiple Narration (Past and Future)«

Michael Snow :: anarchive 2: Digital Snow
Zbig Rybczynski
Werner Nekes :: FILM BEFORE FILM. A journey through the world of pre-cinema moving pictures, 1986
Peter Weibel
William Kentridge :: Overvloed, 1999
Jon Jost :: Trinity


Constanze Ruhm :: Coming Attraction: X Characters (in search of an author), 2002/2003
Tony Dove :: Sally or the Bubble Burst, 2002
Caspar Stracke :: Z2 [zuse strip], 2002
Norman M. Klein, with Rosemary Comella, Andreas Kratky and The Labyrinth Project :: Bleeding Through: Layers of Los Angeles, 1920-1986, 2002
Norman M. Klein: »The Future of the Cinematic City«
Marsha Kinder: »Designing a Database Cinema«

Jennifer & Kevin McCoy :: Horror Chase, 2002
Péter Forgács and The Labyrinth Project :: The Danube Exodus: The Rippling Currents of the River
Jim Campbell :: Church on 5th Avenue, 2001
/ Illuminated Average #1 Hitchcock's Psycho, 2000
Perry Hoberman :: Let's Make A Monster
Pierre Huyghe :: The Third Memory, 1999
Rosa Barba :: Piratenräume, 2002 Martin Arnold
Lynn Hershman :: Teknolust


Lindsay Davenport :: Improvisational Media Fabric
Italo Calvino: »How I Wrote One of My Books«
N. Katherine Hayles: »Timely Art: Hybridity in New Cinema and Electronic Poetry«
Grahame Weinbren: »The Digital Revolution is a Revolution of Random«

Chris Hales :: One-Person Touchscreen Cinema Showing 14 Interactive Movies, 2002 Pat O'Neill, with Rosemary Comella, Kristy H.A.Kang and The Labyrinth Project: The Decay of Fiction, 2002
Susan Norrie :: Defile, 2001
Isaac Julien / Javier de Frutos :: The Long Road to Mazatlan, 1999
Eija-Liisa Ahtila :: CONSOLATION SERVICE, 1999
Chris Marker :: Immemory, 1997 / Zapping Zone, 1990
Gary Hill
Jordan Crandall


Lev Manovich :: Soft Cinema, 2002
Agnes Hegedüs :: Their Things Spoken, 2001
Bill Seaman :: The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers, 1991
Ian Howard :: SweetStalking, 2001
Peter Cornwell :: MetaPlex, 2002
George Legrady :: Slippery Traces
Del Favero/Brown/Weibel/Shaw: »T_Visionarium«
Gloria H. Sutton: »Movie-Drome: Networking the Subject«


essay by Raúl Ruiz
Brian Winston: »Technologies of Seeing«
Jean-Louis Boissier: »The Relation-Image«

Jean-Louis Boissier :: La Morale Sensitive, 2001
Jean-Michel Bruyère :: Si poteris narrare, licet, 2001/2
Jeffrey Shaw :: Place-Ruhr , 2000 / Place-Urbanity, 2002
Christian Ziegler :: 66movingimages, Interactive Road Movie, 1998-2002
Masaki Fujihata: Field-Work@Alsace, 2002


Janet Cardiff :: Playhouse, 1997
Daniel Egg :: Box 3 "Dialog", 1997
Julian Maire :: Demi-Pas, 2002
Joachim Sauter: Invisible Shape of Things Past, 2000
Margie Medlin :: Miss World, 2002
Max Dean/Kristan Horton :: BE ME, 2002
Zoe Beloff :: The Influencing Machine of Miss Natalija A., 2001
Martin Reinhart :: tx dance - motion studies in space and time, 2002
Susanne Jaschko: »Space- Time Correlations Focused in Film Objects and Interactive Video«
Tony Oursler :: The Darkest Colour Infinitely Amplified


Luc Courchesne :: The Visitor: Living by Numbers, 2001
Agnes Hegedüs/ Bernd Lintermann/ Jeffrey Shaw und Leslie Stuck: ReConFIGURING the CAVE, 2001
Dennis Del Favero :: Pentimento
Judith Barry :: Imagination, Dead Imagine, 1991
Michael Naimark :: Be Now Here, 2002
Marnix de Nijs :: Run, Motherfucker, Run!
Blast Theory


Paul Kaiser / Shelley Eshkar :: Pedestrian , 2002
Karl Sims :: Evolved Virtual Creatures, 1994
The Synthetic Character Group :: AlphaWolf, 2001
Maciej Wiesniewski :: Instant Messaging, 2002
Oliver Deussen / Bernd Lintermann: »Computerplants«
Paul Johnson :: Red v. 2.0, Green v. 2.0, Blue v. 2.0, 2002


Nora Barry: »Telling Stories on Screens: A History of Web Cinema,« 2002
Peter Weibel/Thomas Fürstner :: WAYPOINTING WEIBELS VIENNA, 2002
Mark Napier: The Waiting Room Philip Pocock/ Axel Heide/oneandzeros/Gregor Stehle :: UNMOVIE, 2002
Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries
Marc Lafia :: Variable Montage


Darij Kreuh: Brainscore, 2000
Maurice Benayoun :: So.So.So. (Somebody, Somewhere, Sometime), 2002
Michael Schmid/ Jörn Müller-Quade/ Thomas Beth: Laserfilm, 2000
Ross Gibson: »The Time Will Come When...«
Siegfried Zielinski: »Backwards to the Future: Outline for an Investigation of the Cinema as a Time Machine«
essay by Peter Weibel