Peter Cornwell ::
MetaPlex, 2002

multimedia installation
dimensions variable
courtesy Street Vision Limited, London

Coproduction of Street Vision Ltd. and ZKM

    MetaPlex is a navigable virtual space containing different types of audible and visual titles. These include still and moving images and interactive computer artworks. The projected imagery of the installation results from the viewers' actions as well as from stored titles.
Viewers traverse the virtual space using simple hand controls, encountering the contents as a collection or, upon closer inspection, at high resolution. It is possible to move quickly from the
beginning to end of a film as well, using the same control; to locate a particular shot in any of the titles or to view them at normal speed. The perceived location of sounds, such as the sound-track of a video, moves around the real installation space according to viewers' movements about the virtual space: sounds emanating from behind and to the sides sustain a sensory presence even when they are out of view.
MetaPlex enables more than browsing a collection of film and video art: rather, viewers move in a »meta-medium« within which the frames of a film can be navigated as easily as the space of a building - like Malraux's Musée Imaginaire - a museum without walls.