Luc Courchesne

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* 1952, St-Leonard d'Aston, Quebec [CDN]
lives and works in Montréal [CDN]

Luc Courchesne studied at the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, Halifax and later at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge where he received a Master of Science in Visual Studies in 1984. Since then he has been exploring the field of interactive video one of his first productions being "Elastic Movies" which he co-authored in 1984. Several installations including "Portrait One" [1990], "Family Portrait" [1993], "Passages" [1998], and "Rendez-vous" [1999] followed. His works have been shown extensively in galleries and museums worldwide. Luc Courchesne was awarded the Grand Prix of the ICC Biennale 1997 in Tokyo and an Award of Distinction at Pris Ars Electronica 1999 in Linz, Austria.
Luc Courchesne is professor of information design at the Université de Montréal and president of the Technology Art Society.

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Grants and Awards ::

Artist in residence, Museum of New Zealand, Wellington [NZ]

Artist in residence, ZKM Institut für Bildmedien, Karlsruhe [D]

Artist in residence, Institut Medit. de Recherche et de Creation (IMEREC), Marseille [F]

Projektstipendium, Ministère des Affaires culturelles du Québec [CDN]

Scholarship, Canada Arts Council [CDN]

"Grand Prix", "ICC Biennale '97", IncterCommunication Center Tokio [J]

Honorary Mention, category Interactive Art, Prix Ars Electronica, Linz [A]

"Award of excellence in exhibition design", Graphisme Québec [CDN]

"Silver Medal", Concours Lépine, Paris [F]

"Grand Prix", Salon mondial des inventions, Brüssel [B]


Group Exhibitions ::

Société des arts technologiques, Montréal [CDN]
Transmediale, Berlin [D]
Cinemedia, Melbourne [AUS]
Festival Exit, Maubeuge [F]
Festival Exit, Créteil [F]

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney [AUS]
The Interaction ‚01, Ogaki City [J]

Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, La Villette, Paris [F]
Museum für Kommunikation, Bern [CH]
"Prix Ars Electronica", Linz [A]

Centre Culturel Canadien, Paris [F]
"Avatar", Amsterdam

"MultiMediale 5", ZKM Karlsruhe [D]

Musee d'art contemporain de Montreal, Montréal [CDN]
"NO Exit", Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney [AUS]
"Ars Electronica", Oberösterreichisches Landesmuseum, Linz [A]
"DEAF 96", V2 Organisation, Rotterdam [NL]

"Interaction 95", Gifu [J]

"Artifices 3", Saint-Denis [F]

"Ars Electronica"", Linz [A]
"TISEA", Sydney [AUS]
"MuuMediaFestival"", Helsinki [F]

"Siggraph '91", Las Vegas [USA]

TED2, Monterey [USA]
PRIM, Montréal [CDN]
Center for Art Tapes, Halifax [CDN]
IMEREC, Marseille [F]

MIT, Cambridge [USA]


Works in Collections ::

National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa [CDN]
private collections in Marseille [F], New York [USA], San Diego [USA]


Works ::

"Rendez-vous", 1999 [Interaktive Installation]
"Passages", 1998 [Interaktive Installation]
"Landscape One", 1997 [Interaktive Installation]
"Hall of Shadows", 1996 [Interaktive Installation]
"Family Portrait", 1993 [Interaktive Installation]
"Portrait One", 1990 [Interaktive Installation]
"Encyclopedia Chiaroscuro", 1987 [Interaktive Installation]
"Letter to the Unknown", 1986 [Video]
"Elastique Movies", 1984 [Interaktive Installation]
"Paula", 1983 [Video]
"The Past and Future Wheel", 1983 [Video]
"Bob Rosinsky's Sister", 1982 [Video]
"Twelve of Us", 1982 [Video]



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ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe [Ed.]: artintact 2 - CD-ROMagazin interaktiver Kunst, Ostfildern 1995

Rubinstein, Ronda: Talking Portraits, in: Wired, May, 1994

Boissier, Jean-Louis; Duguet, Anne-Marie [Eds.]: Artifices 3 - Mise en mémoire/ Accès à la Mémoire - Installations Laboratoire, Paris 1994

Huhtamo, Erkki: Interactive Garden - Third Exhibition of Interactive Art, Helsinki 1993

Musée des Beaux-Arts du Canada, Ottawa [Ed.]: Luc Courchesne - Portraits interactifs, Ottawa 1993

Courchesne, Luc: Family Portrait, in: Computer Graphics - Visual Proceedings, Anaheim 1991


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