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ZKM_Lecture Hall, 8.30pm
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January 2003 ::

° 01/15/2003 ::

Der Tag des Malers [The Day of the Painter]
dir. by Werner Nekes, Germany 1997, 84 min

A stroll through the picture world of the painter whose view is toward the female nude. Associations with works by artists such as Dürer, Matisse, Seurat, to the »Origins of the World« of Courbet and »L’étant donnés« of Duchamp are evoked, intentionally. »Der Tag des Malers« allows the artistic possibilities of expression found in painting, video and computer pictures to melt into the medium of film. The unusual portrayal makes the film into an adventure film for the eye.

7pm: lecture by Werner Nekes
[ZKM-Lecture Hall | admission free ]
The film historian and experimental filmmaker Werner Nekes, whose film-historical documentaries are part of the exhibition FUTURE CINEMA is speaking about his interest in film history, his theoretical considerations with relationship to cinema and its secrets.

° 01/21/2003 ::

*Corpus Callosum
dir. by Michael Snow, CDN 2002, 93 min

First the camera, then we, the audience, observe persons in obviously staged situations. What we see and what they see is determined by our and their different convictions. Despite the lack of a story line, the film apparently has a hero and a heroine. From scene to scene they appear as different people each time but with identical costumes or
else they have been electronically altered. The film is a tableau of transformation, a tragic-comedy of film variables. The sound is also a continuous metamorphosis and like the film, it is a »nervous system«. A decisively artificial film, it aims to be perceived as a pictorial and musical phenomenon.


February 2003 ::

° 02/5/2003 ::

Machinima Film: »Anachronox: The Movie«
by Jake S. Hughes, USA 2001, 137 min
(produced with Quake II)

»Machinima«, a word creation from »machine«, »animation« and »cinema«, are films created out of narrative and produced with 3D-engines - the basis of such well-known ego-shooter-games as »Quake« or »Half-Life«. It is a cheap and quick way of producing fluently narrated adventure stories. »Anachronox: The Movie« is based on the SciFi-computer game by the same name. Various scenes of the game were spliced together, also incorporating several of the game functions, in order to support the narrative structure of the film. What emerges is a Science Fiction adventure story as we know it from cinema. »Anachronox: The Movie« received the awards for »Best Film« and »Best Use of Technology« at the Machinima Film Festival in 2002.

° 02/12/ 2003 ::

Film/Art : Video and Film Works by Martin Arnold, Virgil Widrich and Les LeVeque

Martin Arnold [A]: »Pièce touchée«, 1989; »Passage à l'acte«, 1993; »Alone. Life Wastes Andy Hardy, 1998«
Virgil Widrich [A]: »Copy Shop«, 2001
Les LeVeque [USA]: »2 Spellbound«, 1999; »4 Vertigo«, 2000

The video and film works use scenes from old black-and-white films, manipulate the pictures and sounds with high-quality montage and thus create short films with a completely new meaning and bizarrely beautiful aesthetics. Martin Arnold, artist and filmmaker from Vienna, presents two of his best works which received many awards. »Pièce touchée« (1989, 16 min) grows from a banal domestic scene into a horror film. »Passage à l’acte« (1993, 12 min) makes a breakfast scene from the film »To Kill a Mockingbird« look like a surrealistic nightmare. As a special extra, the excellent short film »Copy Shop« by Virgil Widrich (2001, 12 min) will be shown. It is the story of a man who works in a copy shop and who copies himself to the extent that the entire world consists only of him.

° 02/19/2003 ::

dir. by Lynn Hershmann, USA 2001, 85 min

Unnoticed by her colleagues, the industrious bio-geneticist Dr. Rosetta Stone has managed to clone three versions of herself. Ruby, the bravest of the triplets, seduces men at night in order to collect semen which in turn serves as a vital shot for the other two. A side effect, is however, an itchy bar code which appears on the forehead of the men.
The artist Lynn Hershman Leeson wrote, produced and directed this Cyber Punk Film. The result is a colorful, intelligent, witty and romantic work, which, thanks to the star Tilda Swinton - in four roles at the same time - is not lacking in light-heartedness.
The film has a sequel in the »real world« on the website http://www.agentruby.com.


° 02/26/2003 ::

Future Animation
Works by Tommy Palotta and Bob Sabiston

ZKM's film and video program, Cinema on Wednesdays, dedicates itself to the short films of Tommy Palotta and Bob Sabiston, who became famous as the creative forces behind »Waking Life«, setting new standards for film animation. Their trademark is the »Rotoscoping Software«, an invention of Bob Sabiston through which a digital video can be changed picture for picture, thus wholly becoming animation. This software allows for drawing directly over the film material. The unique appearance vacillates between animation and reality, a »shimmering impressionism with the flair of pop-cartoons«
(Filmmaker Magazine).


March 2003 ::

° 03/26/2003 [Media Theater] ::

Tracing the Decay of Fiction: Encounters with a Film by Pat O'Neill
dir. by Pat O'Neill, USA 2002
in collaboration with Rosemary Comella, Kristy H.A. Kang, and The Labyrinth Project


December 2003 ::

° 11/20/2002 ::

Julien Donkey Boy
dir. by Harmony Korine, USA 1999, 94 min

Julien is schizophrenic. His sister Pearl is pregnant, father unknown. His pathetic brother Chris aspires to be a wrestling champion. His ex-army father rules the family with an iron fist. A gripping and moving journey into the heart of the dysfunctional American family. Julien Donkey-Boy is both wildly imaginative step towards what Korine calls a »new cinema« as well as one of the most convincing and affecting portraits of schizophrenia ever captured on film. The award winning creator of 'Kids' and 'Gummo', Harmony Korine, has produced a film based on the rules of the Dogme 95 Brotherhood, solely on Digital Video Equipment and based more on the improvisational capacities of the actors, award winning stars of the Independent Cinema like Cloe Sevigny [Kids, Trees Lounge], Ewen Bremner [Trainspotting, Snatch] and Werner Herzog [director of Where the green ants dream, My best enemy], than on a fixed script. Documentary style, wonky pictures and an unusually story make this film to a special experience far away from clichés and Hollywood glamour.
Bernardo Bertolucci: »Harmony Korine has created a revolution in the language of the cinema«.

° 12/11/2002 ::

dir. by Mike Figgis, UK 1999, 97 min

° 12/18/2002 ::

Strange Days
dir. by Kathryn Bigelow, USA 1994, 139 min


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