Gary Hill ::
Language Willing , 2002

installation, DVD, double projection with sound
20:10 min
courtesy Donald Young Gallery, Chicago



voice/text: Chris Mann

    A text performed by the Australian poet-composer Chris Mann acts as a linguistic pulse for a pair of hands minding two discs, arranged side by side in a wide-format projection. The circular shapes, covered with flowery decorative patterns, one red and one creamy white, spin bi-directionally at varying times in unison and independently. Sounding like multiple voices, the somewhat musical speech runs wild through a nonlinear array of subjects held together [and apart] by self-reflexive phrases and punctuation. The fingers move decidedly over the moving surfaces, contorting as necessary in order to touch only the flowers and leaves. The movements of the fingers and discs and the rhythm and pitch of the voice become something of a physical and verbal dance.