Kristan Horton

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* 1971, Niagara Falls [CDN]
lives and works in Toronto [CDN]

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Education ::

1990 - 1992
University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario [CDN], Fine Arts/ Philosophy

1992 - 1996
Ontario College of Art and Design, Ontario [CDN], Sculpture/ Installation


Grants and Awards ::

M. Joan Chalmers Scholarship
Governor-General's Award
Ontario College of Art Medal
Samual Lazar Kagan Award

Solway Metal Award
Louis Odette Sculpture Award

Sully Corth Memorial Fund


Solo Exhibitions ::

"Oracle", Art Metropole, Toronto [CDN]

"Congratulations on your new machine!", The Library Gallery, Cambridge, Ontario [CDN]


Group Exhibitions ::

Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto [CDN]

Vancouver Art Gallery [CDN]
Interaccess Gallery, Toronto [CDN]

Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto [CDN]
Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto [CDN]
Ars Electronica, Linz [A]
Toronto [CDN]

The Music Gallery, Toronto [CDN]

Glassbox, Paris [F]

Nora Vaughan Studio, Toronto, Ontario [CDN]
Artcite, Windsor, Ontario [CDN]
Manufacturers Building, Toronto, Ontario [CDN]

Atrium, Toronto, Ontario [CDN]

University of Guelph, Guelph, Ontario [CDN]


Collaborations ::

Max Dean -Creating Computer Generated Imagery and programming for the contemporary Canadian artist Max Dean

Istvan Kantor -Creating Computer Generated Imagery and programming for the contemporary Canadian artist Istvan Kantor

1997 - 2001
Sarco Studios - Sarco Studios was dubbed a digital content creator for film, broadcast, print, and multimedia

1996 - 1997
Telbotics - Telbotics was founded by Graham Smith [Mcluhan Program, University of Toronto] with the aim of pioneering Telepresence robotics

PEBBLES [an acronym for "Providing Education by Bringing Learning Environments to Students] integrates a physical system with a telecommunications system. Or, it combines videoconferencing technologies with robotics technology to allow a child in the hospital to attend his or her daily classes

Quicktime VR Rig, Invent automatic XYZ 360 degree panorama photography machine


Bibliography ::

° Publications by Kristan Horton ::

Horton, Kristan: Magazine, Toronto: Mimus House, 2002

Horton, Kristan: Leisure Grammar, Toronto: Mimus House, 2001

Horton, Kristan: Oracle, Toronto: Mimus House, 2001

Horton, Kristan: Otium, Toronto: The Artist, 1999

° Publications on Kristan Hortons work ::

Media on Media, Interview with Stephen Lee, CIUT, 2000

Loisirs Le Monde, Arts Section, Loisirs, 1997

Intertext, Interview with Rachelle Vaider-Knowles and Marc Crane, University of Windsor Radio Station, 1995

For Art's Sake, Johnathan Harrison, The Cambridge Times, September 12, 1995

Two Bachelors and Their Machines, Christine Ling, unpublished manuscript, 1995


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