Ian Howard ::
SweetStalking, 2001

interactive work on DVD
part of the dislocations-DVD

Coproduction of Ian Howard and the ZKM | Institute for for Visual Media;
iCINEMA Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, University of New South Wales

    The work emerged from the question of the use of interactive systems to investigate the way urban and sexual relationships are located and dislocated through contemporary digital space. The artist started with the theme of stalking, that is, stalking meaning in a relationship.
Ian Howard: » ... I decided to explore this theme with my partner, Lucienne. The interactive structure of SweetStalking allows viewers to put together their own edited sequences of images and incidents [the narrative format] that provide information and insights into the relationship »story«. Additional video sequences, the random throwing of a dice
[like the hand you're dealt each day], complement the viewer's choice and
if you are lucky further reward sequences provide deeper insights.«