Isaac Julien ::
Long Road to Mazatlan, 1999
in collaboration with Javier de Frutos

triple DVD-projection with sound
dimensions variable
courtesy Victoria Miro Gallery, London

 Toying with the machismo iconography of the western cowboy by referencing the films of Martin Scorsese, Andy Warhol, and David Hockney in the context of gay culture, Long Road to Mazatl├Żn mixes documentary and fiction thereby challenging prevaling sexual codes and mythic identities. Much of the footage was shot on three cameras in San Antonio, Texas, allowing multiple persectives of the same scenes that when juxtapositioned together and infused with elements of dance and performance, give the film its voyeuristic and dramatic character. The projection of the film into a triptych installation setting which is also meant to be experienced as a sculptural and architectural piece, compliments the breaking apart of traditional narrative viewing by rebuilding our cinematic experience through the multi-layering of image and moments of time.

Credits ::

directed by Isaac Julien
choreography: Javier de Frutos

Performers [in order of appearance]: Javier De Frutos, Phillippe Riera
Mariachi violin: Eric Nunez
Violin: Santiago Holguìn
Vihuela: Mario Alberto Murioz
Guitarron: Benjamin Santos
Chorus Girls: Amber Ortega-Perez, Georgina Morgan, S.T. Shimi
Snake: Edgar [Laura Varela, snake handler]

Line Producer: Scott Greenberg
Production Management: Rallyard Production and Media
Director of Photography: Tosh_ak_ Ozawa
Camera Assistants: John Pirozzi, John Tanzer
Location Mixer: Laura Varela
Boom Operator: James Borrego
Make-up: Cynthia Syke
Grips: George Gardner, Robert Diaz
Grip Equipment: L.D. Systems
Craft Services: West Stone Catering
Editor: Adam Finch
Sound Designer: Ben Young
Music Composer: Andy Cowton
Mazatl├Żn Music and Lyrics: Eric Nunez
16mm film processing: Bono Film & Video Service, New Jersey
Super 8 film processing: DuArt Film and Video, New York
Post Production Effects: The Farm, London
Off and Online Editing: The Offline Editing Company, London
Shot on location in: San Antonio, Texas

DVD Encoding: MITES, Liverpool
Installation Technician: Tom Cullen
Design and Construction: Stever Connah
Construction Assistant: Gary Dyson

Special thanks to: Nevil Bounds, Dataton [UK Ltd[, John Sills, Saville Audio Visual, Mark Nash, John Mason