Paul Kaiser

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* 1956, München [D]
lives and works in New York [USA]

Paul Kaiser is a digital artist whose work has been exhibited at Lincoln Center, MASS MoCA, the Pompidou Center, the Whitney Museum, the Barbican Centre, and many other venues. He received his B.A. from Wesleyan University in 1978 and his M.Ed. from American Universitiy in 1984. In 1996, Kaiser was the first digital artist to receive a Guggenheim Fellowship. He has taught at Harvard's Graduate School of Design and at San Francisco State. Presently, he is teaching virtual filmmaking at Wesleyan University and will soon begin a residency at Arizona State University.

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Grants and Awards ::

Rouse Visiting Artist, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University
NYFA Computer Art Fellowship

Osher Fellowship, Exploratorium, San Francisco
Bessie Award, Visual décor
Lucent/BAM Arts in Multimedia Award
Award, Congress of Research in Dance
Honoroble Mention, Prix Ars Electronica

Artist in Residency, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary art [MASS MoCA]

Foundation for Contemporary Performance Art Award [with Shelley Eshkar]

Fellowship at the Lubalin Center of Cooper Union [with Shelley Eshkar]

Award from the Foundation for Contemporary Performance Arts

Guggenheim Fellowship

ComputerWorld/Smithsonian Award


Group Exhibitions ::

Paul Kaisers work has been exhibited at Lincoln Center, MASS MoCA, the Barbican Center (London), the Pompidou Center, SIGGRAPH, the Wexner Center for the Arts, and many other venues.



"Life like", 2002 [Installation]
"Pedestrian", 2002 [Multi-site outdoor public art project]
"Inkblot Projections", 2002 [Installation]
"Loops", 2001 [Interactive Installation]
"Trace", 2001 [Multimedia Installation]
"Flicker-track" and "Verge", 1999 - 2001 [Installations]
"You walk?", 2000 [Installation]
"BIPED", 1999 [Installation]
"Ghostcatching", 1999 [Installation]
"Hand-drawn spaces", 1998 [Installation]
"Visionary of Theater / Theater of Drawings", 1994-97 [Multimedia Installation]



Kaiser, Paul: Motion-mapping, chapter for forthcoming "Mapping in the Age of Digital Media," edited by Michael Silver, to be published by Routledge Press [London] in 2003

Kaiser, Paul: On the Design of Creative Collaboration, chapter for forthcoming book "Managing as Designing," to be published by the Stanford University Press in 2003

Kaiser, Paul: Frequently Pondered Questions, chapter for forthcoming "Envisioning Dance for Film and Video," to be published by Routledge Press [London] in fall 2002

Kaiser, Paul: Steps, essay for "Ghostcatching" catalogue, published by the Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, in 1999


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