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* 1955, Johannesburg [ZA] lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa

The work of South African artist William Kentridge has since the 1970s traced a trajectory which meshes the personal and the political in an innovative use of charcoal drawing, animation, film and theatre. His work presents a nuanced view of current South African society and the fraught legacy of apartheid -refracted always through the prism of individual experience.
Kentridge constructs his distinctive animated films using a technique in which each animated sequence is produced in a process of successive alteration, erasure, overdrawing to a single drawing - which remains at the end of the process, testimony to all the moments of its making.

Kentridge graduated from the University of the Witwatersrand [ZA], majoring in Politics and African Studies, in 1976. From 1976-80, he studied at the Johannesburg Art Foundation, where he taught etching from 1978-80. Since 1992, Kentridge has been collaborating with Handspring Puppet Company, creating multi-media pieces using puppets, live actors and animation

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Grants and Awards ::

Residency as master artist, Civitella Ranieri Center [I], 2000; "Carnegie Prize" of the "Carnegie International - CI99:00", Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh [USA], 1999/2000; Nominee for the "Hugo Boss Prize", Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (Soho), New York [USA], 1998; Loerie Award, 1984; "Rembrandt Gold Medal", Cape Town Triennal, Cape Town [ZA], 1991; "Market Theatre Award" for the exhibition "New Visions", 1986; "AA Vita Award" for the solo exhibition at Cassirer Fine Art, Johannesburg, in 1985, 1986; "Blue Ribbon Award", American Film Festival, New York [USA], 1985; "Red Ribbon Award", American Film Festival, New York [USA], 1982.


Solo Exhibitions :

Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Washington DC [USA]
New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York [USA]
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago [USA]
Marian Goodman Gallery, Paris [F]
"William Kentridge: Recent Editions", Robert Brown Gallery, Washington DC [USA]

Stephen Friedman Gallery, London [UK]
Marian Goodman Gallery, New York [USA]
"Vertical Paintings, P.S.1, New York [USA]

"Projects 68: William Kentridge", Museum of Modern Art, New York [USA]
Neue Galerie Graz, Graz [A]
Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg [ZA]

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego [USA]
Palais des Beaux Arts, Brussels [B] (- travelled to: Kunstverein München, Munich [D], 1998; Museu d'Arte Contemporani de Barcelona, Barcelona [E], 1999; Serpentine Gallery, London [UK], 1999.)

"Eidophusikon", Annandale Galleries, Sydney [AUS]

"Felix in Exile, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg [ZA]

Ruth Bloom Gallery, Los Angeles [USA]
"Drawings for Projection", Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg [UK]

"William Kentridge: Drawings And Graphics", Cassirer Fine Art and Gallery on the Market, Johannesburg [ZA]
"Responsible Hedonism", Vanessa Devereux Gallery, London [UK]

"In The Heart of The Beast", Vanessa Devereux Gallery, London [UK]

Cassirer Fine Art, Johannesburg [ZA]

"Domestic Scenes", The Market Gallery, Johannesburg [ZA]


Group Exhibitions :

"The Divine Comedy", Art Gallery of Western Australian, Perth [AUS]
"Stories", Haus der Kunst München, Munich [D]
"Screen Memories: Imitation of Life", Art Tower Mito, Mito [J]

"The Short Century", Museum Villa Stuck, Munich [D]
"Yokohama Triennale 2001: Megawave", Yokohama [J]
"Animations", PS 1, New York [USA]
"Rotterdam is Many Cities", Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam [NL]
"ARS 01", Kiasma, Helsinki [FIN]

"The Self Is Something Else", Kunstsammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf [D]
"A Double View: Three exhibitions", Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Tel Aviv [IL]
"Outbound: Passages from the '90's", Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston [USA]
"Kwangju Biennale 2000: Man + Space", Kwangju [South Korea]
"Third Shanghai Biennale", Shanghai [China]
"Seventh Havana Biennale: Closer to One Another", Havana [C]
"Umedalen Skulptur", Umedalen Skulptur/ Bildmuseet, Umea [S]
"Das Lied von der Erde", Museum Fridericianum Kassel, Kassel [D]

"Carnegie International - CI 99:00", Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh [USA] (1999/2000)
"Venice Biennale: d'APERTutto", Venice [I]
"Istanbul Biennale: the passion and the wave", Istanbul [TR]
"Act 1", Kunstforeningen, Copenhagen [DK]
"Unfinished History", MCA Chicago, Chicago [USA]
"Life Cycles, Galerie fur Zeitgenössische Kunst, Leipzig [D]
"Kunstwelten im Dialog", Museum Ludwig Köln, Cologne [D]
"Artery", various art venues, Cape Town [ZA]

"Vertical Time", Barbara Gladstone Gallery, New York [USA]
"XXIV Bienal de São Paulo", Sao Paulo [BR]
"Shoot at the Chaos", SPIRAL Art Centre, Tokyo [J]
"Breaking Ground", Marian Goodman Gallery, New York [USA]
"Unfinished History, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis [USA]
"Cinca Continentes y una Ciudad", Museo de la Ciudad, Mexico City [MEX]
"Documenta X", Kassel [D]
"Truce: Echoes of Art in an Age of Endless Conclusions", Site Santa Fé, New Mexico [USA]
"2nd Johannesburg Biennale: Trade Routes: History and Geography", Johannesburg [ZA]
"Les Arts de la Résistance: Fin de Siécle,Johannesburg", Galerie Michel Luneau, Nantes [F]
"Delta", Musée d'Art Moderne de la Ville Paris, Paris [F]

"10th Sydney Biennale: Jurassic Technologies Revenant", Sydney [AUS] Ici et Ailleurs/Hier und Anderswo", [film festival in the context of "steirischer herbst '96"], Graz [A]
"Don't Mess with Mr Inbetween", Culturgest, Lisbon [P]
"Campo 6: The Spiral Village", Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Turin [I]
"Colours: Art from South Africa", Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin [D]

"1st Johannesburg Biennale: Memory and Geography", Johannesburg [ZA]
"Panoramas of Passage: Changing Landscapes of South Africa" (- touring USA and South Africa)
"4th Istanbul Biennale", Istanbul [TR]

"Easing the Passing of the Hours, Goodman Gallery, Johannesburg [ZA]
"45th Venice Biennale", Venice, [I]

"Art from South Africa", Museum of Modern Art, Oxford [UK] (- touring the UK) 1989
"African Encounters", Dome Gallery, New York [USA]

"Claes Eklundh, William Kentridge, Thomas Lawson", Simon/Neuman Galleries, New York [USA]
"But this is the Reality", The Market Gallery, Johannesburg [ZA]

"Cape Town Triennal '85", South African National Gallery, Cape Town [ZA]


Film Retrospectives ::

Fundavisual Latina, Caracas [Venzuela]

Internationales Trickfilm-Festival, Stuttgart [D]
New Zealand Film Festival, Wellington [AUS]

"Festival du Dessin Animé et du Film d'Animation, Brussels [B[ Culturgest, Lisbon [P]

1995 Festival International du Film d'Animation, Annecy [F]

Edinburgh International Film Festival, Edinburgh [UK]
International Film Festival, Annecy [F]; Museum of Modern Art, New York [USA]; Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris [F]


Works ::

° Theater Productions :

[the productions, which were shown internationally, were developed in association with Handspring Puppet Company, with animated film backdrops created and directed by William Kentridge]

"Confessions", 2002 [multi-media shadow oratorio] - libretto: Jane Taylor, score: Kevin Volans]

"Zeno at 4am", 2001 [multi-media shadow oratorio] - libretto: Jane Taylor, score: Kevin Volans

"Il Ritorno d'Ulisse", 1998 [multi-media opera]

"Ubu and the Truth Commission" [multi-media theatre production] - written by Jane Taylor<

"Faustus in Africa!", 1995 [multi-media theatre production]

"Woyzeck on the Highveld", 1982 [multi-media theatre production]

° Film Projects :

"Medicine Chest", 2001 [5'50"; animated film using charcoal and pastel drawing; for installation in a medicine chest]

"Stereoscope", 1999 [8'22"; animated film using charcoal and pastel drawing]

"Sleeping on Glass", 1999 [8'11"; animated film using three dimensional objects, a live actor, and charcoal drawing]

"Shadow Procession", 1999 [7'; animated film using three dimensional objects, paper cut-out figures, shadows]

"Overvloed", 1999 [6'; animated film for oval domed ceiling; using paper cut-out figures, shadows, text fragments, charcoal and pastel drawing, water, video footage]

"Ulisse ECHO: slide / scan / bottle", 1998 [triptych projection using animated charcoal and pastel drawing, documentary material]

"Ubu Tells the Truth", 1997 [8'; animated film using paper cut-out figures, charcoal and pastel drawing, archival documentary footage]

"WEIGHING… and WANTING", 1997 [6'20"; animated film using charcoal and pastel drawing]

"History of the Main Complaint", 1996 [5'50"; animated film using charcoal and pastel drawing]

"Felix in Exile", 1994 [8'43"; animated film using charcoal and pastel drawing]

"Another Country", 1994 [animated music video for Mango Groove; 3'8" collaborative animated film using live actor; charcoal drawing]

"Easing the Passing of the Hours", 1992 [10'; computer animated film]

"Mine", 1991[3'; animated film]

"Sobriety, Obesity and Growing Old", 1991 [9'; animated film using charcoal and pastel drawing]

"Monument", 1990 [3'; animated film using charcoal drawing]

"Directs T&I", 1990 [12'; video fiction]

"Johannesburg, 2nd Greatest City After Paris", 1989 [7'; animated film using charcoal and pastel drawing]

"Freedom Square and Back of the Moon", 1988 [50'; co-directed documentary film]

"Exhibition", 1987 [3'50"; animated film]

"Vetkoek/Fete Galante", 1985 [2'42"; animated film]

"Salestalk", [30'; film fiction using actors]

"Howl at the Moon", 1981 [40'; co-directed video fiction]


Bibliography ::

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Recommended Links ::

- > Wiliam Kentridge: detailed biographical information and bibliography:
  - http://www.goodman-gallery.com/mainakent.htm
  - http://www.gregkucera.com/kentridge.htm
  - http://www.onepeople.com/kent2.html

° Texts about William Kentridge :

- > A. Lanzilotta: "The Apartheid According to Kentridge"
(review of Kentridge's solo exhibition at the New Museum, New York, 2001)

- > Philippe Moins: "William Kentridge: Quite the Opposite of Cartoons" (1998)
(in: The Animation World Magazine, issue 3.7 - October 1998)

° Interviews :

- > Interview with William Kentridge
[February 1998, Johannesburg, South Africa]

- > Short interview with Wiliam Kentridge concerning his work "Stereoscope" [1999]
(in the context of the "Carnegie International" 1999/2000, Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh, USA)

° Exhibitions :

- > "William Kentridge", The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York [USA] - 06/02 - 09/16/2002

- > "William Kentridge", Neue Galerie Graz [A]; (in the context of the art festival "steirischer herbst 1999") - 09/16 - 07/11/2002

° Works by William Kentrige :

- > "6 Soho Eckstein" [animation]

- > "WEIGHING . . . and WANTING", 1997 [video installation]

- > "History of the Main Complaint", 1996 [film]
[Texts about the work:
  - Universes in Universe, in the context of the work's presentation at "documenta X", Kassel [D], 1997.
  - Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston [USA]