Chris Marker ::
Immemory, 1997

CD-ROM, installation
dimensions variable, approx. 650 x 635 cm
Centre George Pompidou, Museé national d'art moderne Centre de création industrielle, Paris

offers the possibility of journeying into the past of a person who appears on the CD-ROM as »I«. The starting points of the different journies that the visitor may selet in the memory archive are: Cinema, Travels, Museum, Remembrance and Memory. These are topics which Chris Marker has often dealt with in his various films, photography books and installations. These trips guide visitors to a variety of never previously published images, texts and photographs such as documentation of his travels to Japan or Korea, or his thoughts on Hitchcock's film Vertigo. The paths branching out at different points make transitions possible between seven subject areas and different »zones«. A CD-ROM is an ideal medium for a memory archive and on this CD-ROM, it is possible to explore memories on different paths and see them in different contexts. Thus, the process of remembrance unveils itself as a process of continuous re-writing and re-interpretation of memory content.