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Jennifer and Kevin McCoy are media artists whose recent work plays upon the capacity of new technology to fragment, store and analyze narrative material from film and television. Their projects include sculptures, installation, and net art that explore ideas of genre, interactivity and automation.
The McCoys work has been collected by The Metropolitan Museum of Art [New York] and the Speed Museum [Kentucky, TN]. Recent exhibitions include solo shows at Postmasters Gallery [New York City, NY] and at the Van Laere Gallery [Antwerp, Belgium]. Projects have also been included in group exhibitions at P.S.1 [Queens, NY], ZKM [Karlsruhe, Germany], and The Cornerhouse Gallery [Manchester, UK]. They are 2002 recipients of the »Emerging Fields« grant from the Creative Capital Foundation and in 2001 they received an award for New Media from the Colbert Foundation.

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Education ::

° Kevin McCoy :
1994 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Arts
1990 University of Paris III, Paris [F]; Dept. of Cinema and Audio-Visual Studies
1989 Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA; Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy

° Jennifer McCoy :
1994 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy NY; Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Arts
1990 Cornell University: Ithaca, NY; Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts, concentration in Film Studies
1990 University of Paris III, Paris [F]; Critical Studies Film Program with CIEE


Grants and Awards ::

»Emerging Fields« grant, Creative Capital Foundation , New York, NY [USA], 2002; New Media Art Fellowship, Colbert Foundation, New York, NY [USA], 2001; Finishing Funds Grant, Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY [USA], 2001; Net Art Commission, The Alternative Museum, New York, NY [USA], 2000; New York Foundation for the Arts Computer Arts Grant recipient, New York, NY [USA], 1999; »World Views« Thundergulch Artist in Residence, New York, NY [USA], 1999; »Emerging Artist/Emergent Media« Grant recipient presented by the Jerome Foundation through the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN [USA], 1999; HarvestWorks Artist in Residence, New York, NY [USA], 1999.


Solo Exhibitions ::

»We Like to Watch,« VanLaere Gallery, Antwerp [B]
»Love and Terror,« Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH [USA]
»We Like to Watch,« Postmasters, New York, NY [USA]

»Maintenance/Web,« The Thing, New York [USA]


Group Exhibitions/ Screenings/Performances ::

»The Omega Manual,« Smack Mellon, New York [USA]
»Where Do We Go From Here?,« Cornerhouse Gallery, Manchester [UK]
»Flay, Splat, Play,« Espace Paul Ricard, Paris [F]
»The Armory Show,« New York [USA]

»Video Viewpoints,« The Museum of Modern Art, New York [USA] - screening
»Animations,« PS1 Center for Contemporary Art, New York [USA]
»Video Jam,« Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, Lake Worth, FL [USA]
»Mapping the Web Informe,« New Langton Arts, San Francisco [USA]
»Trompe l'Oeil,« Media Z Lounge, The New Museum, New York [USA]
»WRO Media Art Biennial,« Wroclaw [PL]
»The Armory Show,« New York [USA]
»Technically Engaged,« A.I.R. Gallery, New York [USA]

»Pink Light,« Postmasters Gallery, New York [USA]
»Verbal 3,« The Kitchen, New York [USA] - performance
»B-2000,« Centre Bruxelles, Brussels [B]
»Through the Looking Glass,« Beachwood Center for the Arts, Cleveland, OH [USA]
»Subject to Sound,« The Rotunda Gallery, Brooklyn, NY [USA]
»South by Southwest Interactive Festival,« Austin, TX [USA]
»Tenacity,« The Swiss Institute, New York [USA]
»Greater New York,« P.S.1., New York [USA]
»Airworld Tonight,« Postmasters Gallery, New York [USA] - performance/ tv broadcast
»Arts Entertainment Network,« The Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis, MN [USA]

»Viper. International Media Art Festival,« Lucerne [CH]
»Kino Vision,« Gallery Fleur, Kyoto [J]
»Airworld,« Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, MN [USA]
»WRO 99. 7th Internation Media Art Biennale,« Wroclaw [PL] - video screening
»Toys and Noise,« OK Center for Contemporary Art, Linz [A]
»Contact Zones,« Centro de la Imagen, Mexico City [MEX]
»Contact Zones,« Johnson Museum of Art, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY [USA]

»ISEA98,« F.A.C.T., Manchester [UK]
»Trance Dance,« Pacific Film Archives, Berkeley, CA [USA]
»Tomorrow's Homes Today,« Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester [UK]
»Touchware,« SIGGRAPH '98, Orlando, FL [USA]
»European Media Art Festival,« Osnarbrück [USA] - video screening
»Impakt Festival for Audiovisual Arts,« Utrecht [NL]
»Arts Edge,« Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth [AUS]
»Viper,« Lucerne [CH]

»Excavations,« Bay Area Video Center, San Francisco, CA [USA] - video screening
»Blast 5 Drama,« Sandra Gering Gallery, New York [USA]

»Cluster Images,« Werkleitz Gesellschaft, Tornitz [D] - video screening
»11th Fringe Film and Video Festival,« Edinburgh [UK] - video screening
»Next 5 Minutes Festival,« V2, Rotterdam [NL] - performance


Collaborative Works ::

»Horror Chase«, 2002 [algorithmic video projection with custom hardware/software]
»448 is Enough«, 2002 [interactive video installation]
»How I Learned«, 2002 [interactive video sculpture]
»Every Anvil«, 2001 [interactive video sculpture]
»201: a space algorithm«, 2001 [interactive video/web project]
»Every Shot, Every Episode«, 2001 [interactive video installation]
»The Babysitter Tapes«, 2001 [media performance]
»Pink Light«, 2000 [interactive electronic sculpture, light, and sound]
»Radio Wonderland«, 2000 [electronic sculpture, microwatt radio installation]
»Radio Frankenstein«, 2000 [electronic sculpture, microwatt radio/internet project]
»Airworld Probe«, 1999 [videotape; 3:50min, color, sound]
»Airworld Transit Lounge (sense of space)«, 1999 [interactive installation]
»Airworld«, 1999 [web project/mixed media project]
»Sense of Space«, 1999 [interactive digital video installation]
»Replay«, 1998 [interactive digital video installation]
»Small Appliances«, 1997 [interactive video installation and CD-ROM]
»Transmission«, 1997 [7min; videotape, color, sound]
»Maintenance/Web«, 1997 [web project]
»Donor«, 1995 [videotape; 5min, color, sound]


Collections ::

New York Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY [USA]; Speed Museum, Louisville, KY [USA]; V. Delvoe, Antwerp [B]; A. Cervias, Brussels [B]; J. Crowe, New York, NY [USA]: J. Dachis, New York, NY [USA]; A. Howel, Durham, North Carolina [USA]; J. Talen, New York, NY [USA].


Bibliography ::

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