Margie Medlin ::
Miss World, 2002

projected 3 screen digital image installation
10:05 min, loop
3 conrecte panels, each 2,4 x 1.8 m, projection space approx. 7 x 3 m

The project is realized in the scope of a residency at the ZKM_Institute for Visual Media, Karlsruhe, funded by the New Media Arts Fund of the Australia Council for the Arts. It was initiated through the Victorian Commissions funded by the Victorian Community Support Fund of the Victorian Government [AUS].

Margie Medlin [AUS] : concept and realization
Rebecca Hilton [AUS] : choreography and dance
Stevie Wishart [AUS/B] : sound design and composition
Holger Deuter [DNA - Digital Nature Arts/ D] : design and realization of the virtual character
Benjamin Speth [USA] : director of photography
Gerald Thompson [Micronite Film Productions Port Melbourne/ AUS] : motion control camera-operator/ -engineer in Germany
Scott Inglis [Micronite Film Productions APV - Asia-Pacific-Video lab, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia/ AUS, Malaysia : motion control camera-operator in Malaysia Micronite Film Productions APV - Asia-Pacific-Video lab, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia [Aus / Malaysia Holger Deuter, Martin Winkler [DNA Digital Nature Arts/ D] : motion capture with Polhelmus StarTrak/ animation with Softimage
Martin Fox [AUS] : editor

The primary intention of the work is to form a new relationship between film and dance. The choreography investigates the interplay between the camera and the dance using the combined capacity of dance and film to convey the qualities and feeling of the movement to the viewer.
Featuring a duet between a live dancer and a virtual dancer this project explores the complex relationship between the real and the virtual. The technical process involved data for the motion control camera being generated by the dancer's movement. It was recorded in real time using a motion capture system. A virtual camera was then placed on the virtual dancer and it is from this 3D camera path that the movement of the dancer is converted to run a motion control camera; creating a crossing between human and virtual.