Michael Naimark

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computer scientist/ media artist

* 1952, Detroit [USA]
lives and works in San Francisco [USA]

Michael Naimark' s work focuses on place representation and its consequences. He has worked extensively with field cinematography, interactive systems, and immersive projection.
He was a founding member of several media-based research labs and his art projects have been exhibited internationally.
After receiving an undergraduate degree in cybernetic systems, Naimark spent the late 1970s at MIT and was on the original design team for the MIT Media Lab. In the 1980s he was an independent media artist, and realized projects for the Paris Metro, the Exploratorium in San Francisco, the ZKM in Karlsruhe, and the Banff Centre for the Arts. He also conducted research for companies including Atari, Lucasfilm, Apple, and Panavision.
In the 1990s he held a research appointment in arts and media at Interval Research Corporation.
Currently Naimark is directing a project to develop the concept of a sustainable arts lab. With his recent art projects, he continues the exploration of place representation with a focus on its relation to the Internet.

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Education ::

M. S. [Visual Studies and Environmental Art], Massachusetts Institute of Technology [USA]

1974 B.S. [Cybernetic Systems], University of Michigan [USA]


Grants and Awards ::

Rockefeller Foundation Creativity and Culture grant, New York [USA], 2002-03; World Technology Summit Award for the Arts, New York [USA], 2002; Residency, Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS], Gifu [J], 2001-02; Residency, "Art and Virtual Environments," Banff Centre for the Arts [CDN], 1993; First Award [SFAI Immersive Virtual Environments class], Futures Scenario, ACM SigCHI, Monterey [USA], 1992; Residency, "Bioapparatus," Banff Centre for the Arts [CDN], 1991; Residency, ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe [D], 1990; Spring Show Award [Virtual Environments class], San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco [USA], 1989; Residency, Exploratorium, San Francisco [USA], 1987; First Award, SECA "Film as Art," San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [USA], 1984; Media Arts Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts [USA], 1980; M.I.T. Council for the Arts Grant [USA], 1979/1978.


Solo Exhibitions ::

San Francisco International Film Festival and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art [USA]

Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco [USA]

Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley, Cal. [USA]

Madeleine Metro Station, Paris [F]

Bruce Velick Gallery, San Francisco [USA]

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco [USA]

Center for Advanced Visual Studies [CAVS], MIT, Cambridge, Mass. [USA]


Group Exhibitions ::

"ArtSale 2001," The Lab, San Francisco [USA]

"Exploding Cinema," International Film Festival, Rotterdam [NL]

"Art in the Anchorage," Creative Time, New York [USA]
Dallas Video Festival, Dallas Museum of Art [USA]

"Digital Bayou," Siggraph '96, New Orleans [USA[

"Interaction '95," International Academy of Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS], Gifu [J]

"International Symposium on Electronic Art [ISEA] 94," Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki [FIN]
Walter Phillips Gallery, Banff Centre for the Arts [CDN]

"MultiMediale 3," ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe [D]

"The Culture and Science of Finding Your Way," Exploratorium, San Francisco [USA]
"Images du Futur '92," Montreal [CDN]
" Triennale di Milano," Milan [I] 1991
"MultiMediale 2," ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe [D]
"Art and Multimedia," Center for Advanced Visual Studies (CAVS), MIT, Cambridge, Mass. [USA]

San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco [USA]
Kanagawa International Art and Science Exhibition, Kanagawa [J]

1986 "Art New Vision '86," Nippon High Technology Arts Festival, Tokyo [J]

"San Francisco International Video Festival", San Francisco [USA]

"Siggraph '83 Artshow," Detroit [USA]

"CenterVideo," Kölnischer Kunstverein, Cologne [D]; Kunsthaus Zürich, Zurich [CH]

"Documenta 6," Kassel [D]


Works and Projects ::

"Camera Zapper", 2002 [counter surveillance research]
(Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS], Gifu)

"VR Webcam Study", 2002
(Institute of Advanced Media Arts and Sciences [IAMAS], Gifu)

"Kundi.com", 1999-2001 [web-based project]

"Dimensionalization Studies", 1994-98

"Be Now Here", 1995.97 [3D panorama installation]
(UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Paris)

"See Banff Kinetoscope", 1993-94 [3D moviemap installation]
(Banff Centre for the Arts)

"Field Recording Studies", 1992-93 [dimensionalized movies]
(Banff Centre for the Arts)

"Karlsruhe Moviemap", 1991 [interactive installation]
(ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe)

"Virtuality Inc.", 1990 [video]
(San Francisco Art Institute)

"Globe Theatre Simulation", 1989 [video]
(Apple Multimedia Lab)

"EAT", 1989 [virtual environment]
(San Francisco Art Institute)

"El Camino", 1988 [moviemap project]
(Apple Multimedia Lab)

"Golden Gate Flyover", 1987 [moviemap project]
(Exploratorium, San Francisco)

"Paris VideoPlan", 1986 [moviemap project]
(RATP [Paris Metro])

"Displacements", 1980-84 [film installation]
(San Francisco Museum of Modern Art)

"Ifugao Question Journal", 1983 [ethnographic research]
(Atari Research)

"Eyepiece", 1979-83 [film installation]
(Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT)

"Aspen Moviemap", 1978-79 [interactive videodisc system]
(Architecture Machine Group, MIT)

"Environmental Media Studies", 1977-79 [film projections]
(Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT)


Works in Museums and Collections ::

American Museum of the Moving Image, New York [USA]; ZKM | Media Musum, Karlsruhe [D]; Exploratorium, San Francisco [USA].


Bibliography ::

° Publications by Michael Naimark ::

"VR Webcams: Time Artifacts as Positive Features," in ISEA 2002 Proceedings, Nagoya, 2002; "Field Recording Techniques for Virtual Reality Applications," in VSMM '98 Proceedings, Gifu, 1998; "Art ('and' or 'versus') Technology: Some Personal Observations," in Sommerer, Christa [ed.]: Art@Science, Vienna/New York: Springer, 1997; "A 3D Moviemap and a 3D Panorama," in SPIE Proceedings, vol. 3012, San Jose, 1997; "What's Wrong with this Picture: Presence and Abstraction in the Age of Cyberspace," in Consciousness Reframed Proceedings, CAiiA, University of Wales, Newport, Wales, 1997; "Interactive Art: Maybe it's a Bad Idea," in Leopoldseder, H./ Schopf, C. [eds.]: Cyberarts, Vienna/New York: Springer, 1997; "Field Recording Studies," in Moser, Mary Anne: Immersed in Technology, Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 1996; "Excavation Aerea: A Virtual Gallery of Archaeological Art" [Japanese], in InterCommunication, no.14, Tokyo, 1995; "Interactive Art and the Myth of Everything-ness," in Gerbel, Karl/Weibel, Peter [eds.]: Ars Electronica '94 - Intelligente Ambiente, Linz 1994; "Artists Explore Virtual Reality: The Bioapparatus Residency at the Banff Centre for the Arts" [with Warren Robinett], in Presence, MIT Press, 1992; "EAT - A Virtual Dining Environment" and "VBK - A Moviemap of Karlsruhe," in Tomorrow's Realities - Siggraph 1991, Las Vergas, 1991; "Moviemap Basics," in ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe [ed.]:MultiMediale 2, [exhib. cat.], 1991; "Realness and Interactivity,"in Laurel, B.: The Art of Human Computer Interface Design, New York: Addison Wesley, 1990; "Media Glasses, Media Windows and Media Doors," [cat. Kanagawa International Art and Science Exhibition],1989; "The Optical Videodisc and New Media Forms," in Video 80, San Francisco International Video Festival, 1982; Spatial Correspondence, [M.S. Thesis], Visual Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1979.


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