Michael Naimark ::
Be Now Here, 1995-2002

interactive stereo-panorama installation
dimensions variable
courtesy Michael Naimark

Partner: Interval Research Corporation, Palo Alto, CA [USA] und UNESCO World Heritage Centre, Paris [F]

    Be Now Here is an installation about [access to] landscape, public spaces, and the experiencing of those spaces through an immersive virtual environment. By wearing 3-D glasses, visitors see recorded imagery from public plazas on the UNESCO World Heritage Centre's list of endangered places: Jerusalem, Dubrovnik, Timbuktu, and Angkor.

»For production, a unique recording system was built consisting of two 35mm motion-picture cameras [for 3D, one for each eye] mounted on a rotating tripod. Be Now Here is an extension of several media trajectories. One is of enhanced cinematic representation, such as the Imax-sized projections of the Lumiere brothers in 1900 and the 3-screen triptychs of Abel Gance's Napoleon in 1927. Another is of non-narrative cultural activism, such as the films of Godfrey Reggio and Tony Gatlif. But Be Now Here also points forward: as a simulation of what net cinema can be; it is both a regard and a provocation.«

- Michael Naimark -