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* 1961, Springfield, New Jersey [USA]

Mark Napier has been creating artwork exclusively for the Web since 1995. He combines his training as a painter with fifteen years of expertise as a software developer to create »art interfaces,« software that addresses issues of authority, ownership, and territory in the virtual world. Napier has been commissioned to create Internet artwork for the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Guggenheim Museum and the Whitney Museum of American Art. His work has been shown in the Whitney Biennial [2002], SFMOMA's »010101«, the Whitney's »Data Dynamics«, ZKM's »net_condition«, the Walker's »Art and Entertainment Network«, bitforms gallery in NYC; at new media festivals in Germany, Italy, Denmark, and South America; and at his own Web site,

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Grants and Awards ::

NYFA Fellowship [USA], 2001; Grant from the Greenwall Foundation [USA], 2001.


Group Exhibitions ::

»CODeDOC«, [online exhibition; part of the Whiteney Museum's »artport«-section], The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]
»Whitney Biennial«, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]

»Animations«, [web section], PS1, New York [USA]

»010101: Art in Technological Times«, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco [USA]
»Data Dynamics«, The Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA]

»Dystopia + Identity in the Age of Global Communications«, Tribes Gallery, New York [USA] - (12/02/2000 - 01/13/2001)

»net_condition«, ZKM Karlsruhe [D]

»Ars Electronica«, Linz [A]
»transmediale«, Berlin [D]

»Digital«, New York Hall of Science, New York [USA]


Recommended Links ::

- > Mark Napier : Homepage:

° Texts ::

- > Broegger, Andreas: »The Aesthetics of Programming - Interview with Mark Napier «
[in rhizome, 2001] ::
part I : | part II : | part III :

  - > Baumgärtel, Tilman: »Data Trash - Mark Napier's 'Landfill'«
[in rhizome, 08/03/1998]

° [Online] Presentations/Group Exhibitions ::

- > Project by M. Napier, comissioned by the Whitney Museum of Modern Art for »CODeDOC«, an online exhibition project about software art; launched in September 2002 :

- > »Animations«, PS1, New York [USA], 10/14/2001 - 01/2002; web section of the exhibition :

- > »Data Dynamics«, exhibition of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York [USA], 2001 :