Susan Norrie ::
Defile, 2001

interactive work on DVD,
part of the dislocations - DVD [2001]

Coproduction of Susan Norrie and the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media;
iCINEMA - Centre for Interactive Cinema Research, University of New South Wales

    In her film entitled Defile [200] Susan Norrie underscores the trends in society today whereby we endanger our own existence by environmental disasters and nuclear contamination. Alluding to Chernobyl and pollution of the oceans by oil tanker spillages, she presents several sequences showing the possible results of such occurrences. Norrie focuses on contamination with regard to the thorny question of how we should responsibly approach technology and science given the fact that they often have consequences that we cannot foresee in advance.
Filmed as a loop the DVD enables the viewer to combine the sequences at will and in the final instance we can act as our own editors here. Instead of a linear storyline emerging, we can manufacture our own multi-dimensional narration.