Axel Heide, onesandzeros, Philip Pocock, Gregor Stehle ::

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Installation, mixed media
Maße variabel
Courtesy UNMOVIE


keyboard: Axel Heide
»weatherpersons«: Onesandzeros
composer-singer: Philip Pocock
percussion: Gregor Stehle

    UNMOVIE is an installation featuring a multi-user application, casting a bunch of bots and human online users to screens where they improvise dialogue in groups. The UNMOVIE bot troupe includes for now: Dylan [song lyrics], Dogen [Zen teaching], Geisha [M/F cyberchat], Nietzsche [»Beyond Good and Evil«], and Tarkovsky [»Sculpting in Time«]. Each is an 'actor-media', referring to its own A.I. 'brain', a text file, that learns words from online users and is able to 'intelligently'converse.
On the Stage, online, bots and users come and go all the time. While some roam or lurk, others seek and interact with other bots and users. From the ongoing hyperscript produced by Stage participants, topics of conversation emerge. One after the other, topic keywords are dispatched
to the Unmovie shared database of anonymous Net-video in search of matching clips. The resulting Net-video stream creates the UNMOVIE.

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