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*1967, Vienna [A]
lives and works in Vienna [A]

The experimental filmmaker Martin Reinhart studied at the Academy for Applied Arts [Akademie für angewandte Kunst] in Vienna. As a film technician, he worked for Dedo Weigert, Munich, and Otto Nemenz, Los Angeles. Besides that, he was also responsible for the technical management of numerous films, including projects by Martin Arnold, Bady Minck, and Günther Selichar.
Reinhart's innovative projects have been presented in the context of international festivals and exhibitions, including the film technique and the short film of the same name, »tx-transform«, which Reinhart developed in cooperation with Virgil Widrich [shown, for example, at »Ars Electronica«, Linz, A, 1998; »Diagonale«, Graz, A, 1999/2001; »Fantoche«, Baden, CH, 1999; »European Media Art Festival«, Osnabrück, D, 1999; »Zeichenbau«, Künstlerhaus Wien, Vienna, A, 1999; »Viper«, Basel, CH, 2000; »DEAF 00«, Rotterdam, NL, 2000; »Festival International du nouveau cinéma nouveaux médias de Montréal«, Montreal, CDN, 2001; »Tampere Film Festival«, Tampere, FIN, 2002].
Reinhart taught at the AHS, the Vienna School of Art [Wiener Kunstschule], and at the University of Linz. Currently, he is working at Vienna's Museum of Technology.

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