PROGRAM : ZKM_Media Theater and Kubus ::

R E S F E S T 2002
Digital Film Festival

Fri - Sat, January 24 - 25, 2003
Fri : 8:00 pm, Sat: 7:00 pm
ZKM-Media Theater

Admission :: Pay one, get two : EUR 5,10/ 3,10; ticket for festival
alone : EUR 4,50/2,50

The RESFEST from the USA is the first and most famous international Digital Film Festival based in San Francisco and New York. Festival Director Jonathan Wells and Editor-in-Chief of the magazine by the same name, »RES«, Holly Willis will present this year's highlights of the RESFEST-Touring Program.

° P r o g r a m ::

° Fri, January 24, 2003 ::

8 pm : Short Film Program ::
»State of the Art« - Short films that come up with hyper-stylization and cross visual borders in their picture stories.

10 pm : Music Video Program ::
»Cinema Electronica« - The best electronic music videos of the past years have been united by the astonishing diversity of their visual forms, ranging from cartoon Disney classics to an ultra-real pictorial language.

° Sat, January 25, 2003 ::

7 pm : Lectures (in English) ::
Jonathan Wells : »From the magazine to the digital film«
Holly Willis: »Contemporary developments of digital film and its possibilities of distribution«

8 pm : Short Film Program ::
»By Design« - With a focus on the graphics and the aesthetics of pictures, this selection of films is concerned with the central obsession of this hybrid film/design-genre.

10 pm : Chris Cunningham Retrospective ::
Chris Cunningham belongs to the guild of excellent music clip directors with masterpieces such as For Björk, Aphex Twins and Portishead.