Constanze Ruhm ::
Coming Attraction: X Characters (in search of an author), 2002/2003

web-based installation
dimensions variable

Coproduction of Constanze Ruhm and the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

Programming installation/website: Tom Roscher/Bert-Ulrich Baumann
3D visualization, production: Daniel Classen
Research, production assistant: Christine Gloggengiesser
Thanks to Fareed Armaly/haus.0 Programm

    X Characters deals with the representation and role of female film characters in Avantgarde and Hollywood cinema from the last 30 years. The project extracts characters out of the film context and places them within the context of different media formats. Throughout the duration of the FUTURE CINEMA exhibition, new scripts will be developed via internet chat rooms e.g., which will be used to produce a contemporary production based on the rewriting of text and recreation of characters in the original production