Joachim Sauter / Dirk Lüsebrink ::
Invisible Shape of Things Past, 1995/2000

collage/poster, 3D sculpture, projection mirror, video dokumentation
dimensions variable
courtesy Joachim Sauter, Dirk Lüsebrink



The video documentation of the work The Invisible Shape of Things Past shows the artists' explanation regarding the representation of time in virtual space and the navigation through time in VR.
The project enables users to transform film sequences [time-based information] into interactive virtual objects. This transformation is based on all the camera parameters of a particular film sequence [movement, perspective, focal length]: The individual frames of the film are lined up along the path of the camera as it is transferred to virtual space. The angle of the individual frames in relation to the virtual camera-path depends on the perspective of the actual camera, the size of the individual frames depends on the focal length used. The outer pixelrows of the frames define the skin of the film-object. The installation and the 3D model in the exhibition present the virtual information architecture which emerges from this process.