Bill Seaman ::
The Exquisite Mechanism of Shivers, 1997

interactive work on CD-ROM
part of the artintact1 - CD-ROM [1997]

Coproduction of Bill Seaman and the ZKM | Institute for Visual Media

    Whereas the earlier works of Bill Seaman are mainly videotapes or installations, Ex. Mech is a complex work in so far as it exists in numerous different versions. The basis of these variants is a 28 minute videotape with 33 brief image and musical scenes, each based on a sentence of ten words. This amounts to a total of 330 words, which make up the poetic menu of the whole work. The interactive process of Ex. Mech enables the user to combine different sentences created from the 330 words in the poetic menu, which in turn steer the succession of video and audio sequences. The interactive quality of Ex. Mech enables the artist and user to meet halfway. The user plays with the elements derived from the imagination of the artist and is thus invited to create new compositions, i.e., form new sentences from the building blocks provided. He can also leave the choice to chance by using a random sentence generator. [...] Ex. Mech has as its central theme the overlapping of three planes: language, image, and sound. However it is not just a case of allowing these three planes to operate simultaneously, for film also contains these elements. Rather, it is an attempt to analyze their mutual influence over our perception and our construction of associations.

- Dieter Daniels -