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computer scientist, media artists

Karl Sims studied computer graphics at the MIT Media Lab, and Life Sciences as an undergraduate at MIT. He currently leads GenArts, Inc. in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he creates special effects software for the motion picture industry. His work and research include several computer graphics animations and interactive media installations as well as technical papers on his work about virtual creatures and interactive evolution. He has exhibited in several venues such as ICC Tokyo, Centre Georges Pomipou, Paris, and Ars Electronica, Linz. He has received a MacArthur Fellowship and numerous other awards for his work.

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Awards and Grants ::

MacArthur Fellowship [USA] 1998-2002; Award for Video Math, Berlin Video Math Festival, Berlin [D], 1998; Motorola Imaginology Award, Interactive Media Festival, 1997; Creativity Award, Interactive Media Festival, 1997; Special Prize of the Jury, Imagina 1993, Monte Carlo; First Place Award for Technology, National Computer Graphics Association 1993 Video Theater [USA]; International Competition Prize Winner, 6th Berlin Video Festival [D], 1993; Grand Prize, Golden Nica Animation Award, Ars Electronica 1992, Linz [A]; Grand Prize for Art & Entertainment, NICOGRAPH 1992, Tokyo [J]; First Prize for Art, Images du Futur 1992, 6th International Computer Animation Competition, Montreal [CDN]; First Prize for Science, Computer Animation, Geneva [CH], 1992; Award for Research, Imagina, Monte Carlo, 1992; Award for Research, National Computer Graphics Association [USA], 1992; Technological Innovation Award, Computer Animation, Fifth Internation Computer Film Festival, University of Geneva [CH], 1992; First Prize, Eurographics, Cambridge [UK], 1992; Special Credit Award, Computer Animation Festival, Aizu [J], 1991; First Prize for 3D Computer Graphics, Imagina 1991 Pixel INA Awards, Monte Carlo; Grand Prize, Golden Nica Animation Award, Ars Electronica 1991, Linz [A]; Winner of »Jet d'Or« Award, International Conference of Computer Animation 1991, Geneva [CH]; Special Prize of the Jury, Fifth International Festival of Computer Graphics Films of Montreal 1990; First Prize for Research, Imagina 1989, Monte Carlo; Final piece [Best in show], Siggraph 1990 Film and Video show [USA]; Prize of the Public, Images du Futur, Monteal [CDN], 1989; Final piece [Best in show], Siggraph 1988 Film and Video show [USA].


Works ::

° Interactive Works :

»Galápagos«, 1997
»Genetic Images«, 1993
»Interactive Video Kaleidoscope«, 1987

° Computer Animations :

»Evolved Virtual Creatures«, 1994
» Liquid Selves«, 1992
»Primordial Dance«, 1991
»Panspermia«, 1990
»Particle Dreams«, 1988
»Excerpts from Leonardo's Deluge«, 1989
»Burning Logos«, 1989
»Inner View«, 1989


Bibliography ::

° Publications by Karl Sims :

Sims, K.: »Evolving Virtual Creatures«, in Computer Graphics [Siggraph '94 Proceedings], July 1994, pp. 15-22; Sims, K.: »Handwritten Character Classification Using Nearest Neighbor in Large Databases«, in Smith, S./Bourgoin, M./Sims, K./Voorhees, H.: Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, Sept. 1994, pp. 915-919; Sims, K: »Evolving 3D Morphology and Behavior by Competition«, in Brooks/Maes [eds.]: Artificial Life IV Proceedings, MIT Press 1994, pp. 28-39; Sims, K.: »Interactive Evolution of Equations for Procedural Models«, in The Visual Computer, Aug. 1993, pp.466-476; Sims, K.: »Interactive Evolution of Dynamical Systems«, in Towards a Practice of Autonomous Systems: Proceedings of the First European Conference on Artificial Life, MIT Press 1992, pp. 171-178; Sims, K.: »Choreographed Image Flow«, in The Journal of Visualization and Computer Animation, Vol. 3, 1992, pp. 31-43; Sims, K.: »Artificial Evolution for Computer Graphics«, in Computer Graphics [Siggraph '91 proceedings], July 1991, pp. 319-328; Sims, K.: »Particle Animation and Rendering Using Data Parallel Computation«, in Computer Graphics [Siggraph '90 proceedings], Aug. 1990, pp. 405-413.


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