Michael Snow ::
Anarchive 2. Digital Snow, 2002

interactive DVD-ROM, book
courtesy Michael Snow and The Daniel Langlois Fondation for Art, Science and Technology

Michael Snow constitutes, all on his own, an entire region of contemporary art and film of the last 50 years. Born in 1929 in Toronto, he is regarded internationally as one of the leading figures in contemporary art. He is a multidisciplinary talent—a painter and sculptor, photographer, filmmaker and musician—without ever mixing the genres to excess.
Anarchive 2: Digital Snow showcases his major works through novel channels and a rich database. Gathered together are documents that till now were scattered throughout countless catalogues, books, articles, audio and videotapes, photo collections and archives. By bringing together such valuable and exhaustive information, this multimedia project better acquaints us all with one of the foremost artists working in Canada today.

- Jean Gagnon -

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