Caspar Stracke ::
z2 [zuse strip], 2002

240 m of 35mm b&w film, 8 bit hole-punch system, interface, computer, projectos
dimenisons variable
courtesy Caspar Stracke

35mm puncher for punched tape for Z1, Z2 and Z3 [replica by Konrad Zuse],
270 x 160 x 130mm, approx. 4 kg
Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin

    Z2 [zuse strip] is named after Konrad Zuse’s second model, made in a series of the first digital computers. It used discarded 35mm movie film from the German UFA as a medium to read and write eight-bit binary code data with a hole-punch system.
The work addresses our ability to preserve cultural artifacts. Obsolescence is the repressed remains of innovation, and since the information of the past is encoded in defunct systems, how will it be possible to preserve the past?