Synthetic Characters Group, MIT Media Lab ::
Alpha Wolf, 2001

interactive installation
10 x 10 x 10'
courtesy Synthetic Characters Group, MIT Media Lab

Synthetic Characters Group ::

Bill Tomlinson, Marc Downie, Matt Berlin, Jesse Gray, Adolph Wong, Robert Burke, Damian Isla, Yuri Ivanov, Michael P. Johnson, Derek Lyons, Jennie Cochran, Bryan Yong, and Bruce Blumberg

    Alpha Wolf is an interactive project in which the visitor can become part of a wolves' pack, forming social group interaction by challenging other animals for dominance. Participants can interact with the pack comprised of autonomous and semi-autonomous wolfs by howling, growling, whimpering or barking into a microphone, or by using a mouse to encourage their wolves to interact with specific other members of the pack. By letting participants »get inside the mind and body« of a virtual wolf, AlphaWolf provides a compelling opportunity to explore the meaning of social behavior.
The project was developed by the Synthetic Characters Group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology [MIT] in Boston, directed by Prof. Bruce Blumberg. The research that created the project has potential applications in a variety of areas, such as the field of human-computer interface design, artificial intelligence, computational biology, as well as computer games or interactive cinematography.