Web-Cinema - Program, curated by Nora Barry

Films For An Historical Anthology of Web Cinema Shorts, 1997-2002

Web Cinema is an international anthology of 42 interactive web short films featuring artists from Australia, England, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Sweden, Yugoslavia, South Korea, Singapore, Canada and the United States. Moving from video to Flash pieces, or linear narratives to random configuration narratives, these shorts trace the evolution of web-cinema in the last five years, providing an overview of the technology, tools and trends that have influenced the current status and direction of online cinema making and distribution.

° 1999 and 2000 : Experimentation with Narrative and Visual Formats ::

Jason Wishnow: Persona, 1997 [USA]
Tara Veneruso: Austin, 1997 [USA]
Spike Lee: Savion Glover Dances, 1997 [USA]
Christine Panushka: Absolut Panushka, 1998 [USA]v John Serpentelli: Positively Negative, 1998 [USA]
Xeth Feinberg: Post No Bills, 1998 [USA]
Marco & Antonio Manetti: Scum, 1998 [I]
Craig Johnson: 1000 Moons, 1998 [USA]
Joe Chow: Dowager, 1998 [USA]
Richard Lainhart: Haiku, 1999 [USA]
Andrea Flamini: Waterdream, 1999 [USA/I]
Michael O’Reilly: City Halls, 1999 [USA]
Tom Neske: Glastonbury 99, 1999 [UK]
Dave Jones: Teetering, 1999 [AUS]
Maya Churi: Letters From Homeroom, 1999 [USA]
Silvia Maria Schopf: mmmloook, 1999 [D]
Deanne Sokolin: Cooking Chronicles, 1999 [USA]
Mel Bernstein: Mike, 2000 [F]
Pierre Wayser: Jolt, 2000 [F]
Alexander Gubas: Belgrade Frozen, 2000 [YU]
Jerome Mouscadet: Shanghai Corridor, 2000 [F]
Picture Projects: 360 Degrees, 2000 [USA]
Peter Rose: The Gift, 2000 [USA]
John O’Brien: Life At Night, 2000 [USA]
Kristoffer Gansing: Wake Interactive, 2000 [S]
YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES: Perfect Artistic Website, 2000 [ROK]
Martin Reinhart: Pinocchio, 2000 [A]
Paul Lincoln: Personal Audience, 2000 [SGP]


° 2001 : Rise of European Voices ::

Martin Dahlhauser: Badcop, 2001[D]
Analogiks-Indians: Weird Christmas, 2001 [F]
Moccu: The Reef, 2001 [D]
Julie Myers, Michaela Freeman, Kate Gauthier, Scott Brightwell, Nuria W. Soeharto, Enrico Soekarno, Anthony Yau, Edited with Matt White: Julie’s Weekend, 2001 [USA/AUS/UK/HK]
8081: The Island, 2001 [I]
Jeanette Lambert: DÍou Viens-Tu?, 2001 [CAN]
Bill Cahalan: Golden Boy, 2001 [USA]
Bechamel: El Fantastico del Paradiso, 2001 [F]
Submarine: City Tunes, 2001 [NL]


° 2002 and Beyond : The Future of Web Cinema ::

Tara Veneruso: Airports for Beginners, 2002 [USA]
Carlos Gomez De Llarena: Live From Tompkins Park, 2002 [YV]
Chris Ferrantello: Twin Towers, 2001 [USA]
Petrie Lounge: Kunst Bar, 2002 [CAN]
Submarine: Killer, 2002 [NL]