Thomas Fürstner / Peter Weibel ::

courtesy Thomas Fürstner und Peter Weibel

With the installation Waypointing Weibel's Vienna, Thomas Fürstner and Peter Weibel create the vision of mobile cinematographic communication. The visitor of the exhibition takes the position of a walker, strolling through Vienna. Their tour follows the important movements and junctions in the biography of Peter Weibel. The walker bears a portable communication-device that combines several functions. The »digital street device« integrates telephone, computer, panoramic-camera and a global positioning system [GPS]. Via the GPS, a localization-system supported by satellite, the walker receives historic information about the place he is standing in at the moment. The information appears as moving and still archive-images on his small monitor-display. The visitor sees the panoramic-images and historic information from the perspective of the promenador on a big screen in the exhibition space.
The installation refers to the current development of the communication and entertainment industry: »the convergence of the media«, meaning the integration of all kinds of information-storage and transfer to a device. These personal experience-devices in 2003 will perhaps be used by more than 55 miollion Europeans. With this work, Tom Fürstner and Peter Weibel bring to mind the aesthetic and functional possibilities of new technologies.