Maciej Wisniewski ::
Instant Places, 2002

custom software
courtesy of Postmasters Gallery, New York

Instant Places is a software fiction. It creates a network formed ad hoc to connect dispersed data places. These data places can stretch over multiple computers and multiple networks. They are not bound by geography, time and space. The current installation at the ZKM consists of two computers connected to the network. The installation can be easily extended by installing the Instant Places-software on any computer connected to the internet. Instant Places is inhabited by predators [hawks] and prey [mice] which communicate with one another over the internet. Their sensory exploitations such as recognition, motion detection, resolving distance and shape information are done by way of real-time messaging. Predators and their prey can move freely between different data places [different computers connected to the network] in the ever unfolding story of their coexistence. At times, when things appear rather peaceful suddenly something upsets the balance and they change their behavior either in surveying, attacking or fleeing.

- Maciej Wisniewski -