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Overview of our digital offers

A large tangle of cables can be seen, many ropes are interwoven. In the lower edge of the picture it says »zkm digital – vernetzt euch mit uns!«

Experience ZKM from home! From current events and educational offers to our digitally accessible exhibitions and the greatest highlights.

Digital Events

Fri, 09.04.2021, 6 pm
Sat, 10.04.2021, 5 pm, Duration: 4h
Free entry
Tue, 13.04.2021, 6 pm, Duration: 1:30h
Cost: Free of Charge
Thu, 15.04.2021, 5.30 pm, Duration: 0:30h
Cost: Free of Charge
Thu, 15.04.2021, 7 pm
Cost: Free of Charge
Fri, 16.04.2021, 3 pm, Duration: 3:30h
Cost: Free of Charge

Digital mediation offers

Fri, 09.04.2021, 3.30 pm, Duration: 2h
Fri, 09.04.2021, 4 pm, Duration: 1h
Fri, 09.04.2021, 6 pm, Duration: 1h
Sun, 11.04.2021, 2 pm, Duration: 1h
Cost: free of charge
Mon, 12.04.2021, 5 pm, Duration: 1h
Cost: Kostenfrei

Digital Exhibitions

Fri, 30.10.2020 – Thu, 30.09.2021
Free entry
Sat, 21.11.2020 – Sun, 23.05.2021
Free entry

Explore the virtual exhibition platform of »Critical Zones«

Wed, 06.01.2021 – Sun, 27.06.2021
Museum Balcony, Online

Past Highlights

ZKM presents female composers with a four-week digital festival

Around 50 Bauhaus films plus live talks and short lectures

Re-Watch the Impetus for Innovation Conference

The online festival of the »Driving the Human« project

All recordings of the livestreams

Founded to bring art into the digital age, ZKM has set numerous focal points and themes over the years that have had an impact on society and/or do so today. Of particular importance for the end of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century is the technologization and digitalization, which has increased in speed and has been increasingly thematized, discussed, processed by artists with the aim of shaping our future.

Together with numerous guest artists and ZKM visitors, we continuously reflect on what is happening and, in the form of exhibitions and participatory events, develop ideas and approaches for a sustainable existence worth living.


Exhibition view »Open Codes«
A center for the future of the museum
We accompany the development towards digital culture
  • Digitization is changing the way we think and acquire knowledge. With artistic productions, exhibitions and events, the ZKM provides important impulses for discussing the effects and possibilities of digital change.
  • Since 1989, artists from all over the world have been coming to the ZKM to conceive and produce works of the visual and performative arts using digital means.

ZKM houses the world's largest collection of computer-based art. It reflects the technological changes of the past decades.

Both online and on site: The digital communication of art and knowledge takes place at ZKM on several levels.

Early on, ZKM used the diverse technological possibilities to expand the transfer of knowledge beyond the conventional medium of books.

From the very beginning, ZKM has focused on the artistic use of technology. Public visibility could be generated by giving awards.

ZKM for Listening In

Listen to and see reports about our exhibitions, interviews with artists and curators or documentaries about exhibited works – our podcast channels offer exciting facts about the contents of the ZKM.

Join radio presenter Michael Wirbitzky on a journey through the history of media art

Learn more about selected works of the ZKM exhibition »Negative Space – Trajectories of Sculpture«


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