INDEPENDENT DAYS Film Festival: Short Interventions
A smoking person is sitting in a room with stone walls. She is wearing a wig from the 18th century, is heavily made up and sits at a table with a long candle burning on it. Around the table are dolls.
Short film program
Thu, 22.10.2020, 7 pm, Duration: 1:45h

The »INDEPENDENT DAYS | Karlsruhe International Film Festival« will present independent film productions from all over the world for the 20th time this year. With »Short Interventions« a colorful mixture of short films will be shown at the ZKM.

The topography of the experimental short film resembles an almost confusing, diffuse landscape through which the most diverse audiovisual stories meander. Narrative discourses, structural breaks and explorative confrontations with new dimensions of reality expand the language of film, especially through the work of independent film artists in the free space of independent film productions. Unconstrained by the restrictions of economic exploitation processes, energetic, explosive film works emerge, which, based on Amos Vogel's concept of film as subversive art, represent highly individual, inspiring and reflective interventions of the short film.

Art as a catalyst for emotions or as a door to a promising future, anticipated by the visions of a fortune teller. Light and sound brought into new contexts, tempting our brain to attribute greater meaning to abstract films than the film work actually implies. Shadowy figures wandering through loose plots, experimenting with the dissolution of time levels. And the confrontation with the hotbeds of conflict in our time, metaphorically staged, represents a tour de force through contemporary experimental independent cinema with film contributions from Brazil, Poland, Turkey, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Austria, France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Organization / Institution
Independent Days Karlsruhe e. V.